Breaking Boundaries in Product Development: Impax Asset Management Adds Mark Bliss to Their Team

Impax Asset Management is making strategic moves to expand and enhance its product offerings. With the appointment of Mark Bliss as the Head of Product Development and Design, Impax is set to revolutionize its investment strategies within listed equities, fixed income, and private markets. This article discusses how this hiring signals Impax's shift towards direct distribution as it seeks to break away from the traditional sub-advisory model.

Mark Bliss: Enhancing Impax's Product Development and Design

Discover how the addition of Mark Bliss to Impax Asset Management's team signals a significant focus on advancing product development and design.

Mark Bliss, formerly the global head of products at Jupiter, has joined Impax Asset Management as the Head of Product Development and Design. With his extensive experience and expertise in the investment industry, Bliss brings a fresh perspective to Impax's product offerings. This strategic move emphasizes Impax's commitment to enhancing its investment strategies and expanding its market presence.

Pivoting Towards Direct Distribution: Impax Reinvents the Model

Explore how Impax plans to transition from its traditional sub-advisory model to direct distribution, unlocking new opportunities and offering more personalized services.

Impax Asset Management is embracing a new era by gradually shifting away from its traditional sub-advisory model towards direct distribution. This strategic pivot aims to strengthen its relationship with investors, immerse itself deeper in the market, and introduce more personalized investment services. By taking this approach, Impax can enhance its product line-up, offer tailored investment solutions, and seize new growth opportunities.

Revolutionizing Investment Strategies Across Various Asset Classes

Find out how Impax is leveraging Mark Bliss's expertise to expand and refine their investment strategies across different asset classes.

As the newly appointed Head of Product Development and Design, Mark Bliss will be instrumental in developing and designing investment strategies at Impax Asset Management. He will collaborate closely with the investment and distribution teams to bring new and innovative approaches to listed equities, fixed income, and even private markets. By leveraging Bliss's expertise, Impax aims to revolutionize its investment strategies, stay ahead of the dynamic financial markets, and deliver outstanding results to its clients.


Impax Asset Management's decision to hire Mark Bliss as the Head of Product Development and Design marks a significant step towards advancing their product offerings. Bliss's extensive experience and expertise will play a crucial role in revolutionizing Impax's investment strategies across various asset classes, ranging from listed equities to fixed income and private markets. By pivoting towards direct distribution, Impax aims to strengthen its market presence, offer more personalized investment services, and seize new growth opportunities. With Bliss leading the way, Impax is well-positioned to shape the future of asset management and provide outstanding results to its clients.

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