National Social Security Fund Reports 15% Growth in Investment Income

In the year ending June, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has experienced significant growth in its investment income, recording a commendable 15% increase. This achievement highlights the Fund's strategic asset allocation approach that has enabled it to overcome market challenges. Let's delve into the details and explore the factors that have contributed to NSSF's success, as well as their vision for the future.

Increased Investment Income: The Achievements

Discover how the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) achieved exceptional growth in investment income for the year.

During the financial year ending in June, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) reported a remarkable 15% growth in investment income. This accomplishment is a testament to the strategic asset allocation approach implemented by the Fund, allowing them to maintain profitability despite the challenging market conditions.

Diversified investment strategies and increased returns from interest income and dividend income significantly contributed to this financial success. Real estate projects and other income sources also played a part in enhancing the Fund's investment performance.

Despite economic uncertainties, NSSF managed to deliver substantial growth for its members by cleverly navigating the market landscape. Let's delve deeper into the factors behind this achievement and explore what it means for NSSF and its members.

Contributing Factors to Investment Income Growth

Uncover the key factors that propelled the National Social Security Fund's investment income to new heights.

The growth in NSSF's investment income can be attributed to several significant factors. Firstly, the increased earnings from interest income deserve recognition as they rose from Shs1.79 trillion to Shs2 trillion. Similarly, dividend income witnessed a significant boost from Shs84b to Shs139b.

Furthermore, income generated from real estate projects experienced slight growth and contributed to the overall increase. Additionally, the Fund's shrewd investment decisions across different income streams helped counteract the overall depressed market, ultimately leading to improved revenue generation.

The combination of these factors reaffirms the strength of NSSF's investment approach and emphasizes their dedication to delivering value to their members.

Membership Contributions and Asset Growth

Explore the growth in membership contributions and the consequent expansion of NSSF's asset size.

During the same period, membership contributions increased by an impressive 15.4%, from Shs1.49 trillion to Shs1.199 trillion. This surge not only boosted the investment income but also led to an expansion in NSSF's total assets, expanding from Shs17.26 trillion to Shs18.58 trillion.

The continual growth in membership contributions showcases the success of NSSF's outreach efforts and increased coverage of the working population. With a projected asset under management set to reach Shs20 trillion by 2025, the Fund's vision of providing financial security to a significant portion of the working population seems well within reach.

Join us as we dig deeper into NSSF's vision for the future, ensuring their members a solid financial foundation and exploring the strategies they look to implement to attain the set goals.

NSSF's Vision 2035 and Future Prospects

Learn about NSSF's ambitious Vision 2035 and their aim to achieve significant milestones.

NSSF is now focusing on Vision 2035, aiming to reach member contributions of Shs50 trillion with at least 50% coverage of the working population. This ambitious vision demonstrates their commitment to promoting long-term financial security for Ugandan citizens.

Under Vision 2035, NSSF aims to deliver a real return to its members that surpasses the national income inflation rate. With these objectives in mind, the forthcoming 11th Annual Members Meeting will declare the interest payment to be made, further solidifying NSSF's dedication to providing consistent and valuable returns for its members.

As we untangle the intricacies of Vision 2035, we explore the importance of sustainable growth, strong financial management, and technological adoption that underpin NSSF's future prospects in achieving their monumental goals.


The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has achieved an impressive 15% growth in investment income for the financial year ending in June. This phenomenal growth is the result of NSSF's strategic asset allocation approach, innovative investment strategies, and solid financial management.

By diversifying income streams and leveraging increased earnings from interest and dividend income, NSSF has been able to navigate the challenging market conditions and deliver substantial value to its members. With the continuous growth in membership contributions and the expansion of NSSF's asset size, the Fund's vision of achieving financial security for a significant portion of the working population is well within reach.

NSSF's ambitious Vision 2035, with its focus on substantial member contributions and broad coverage of the working population, highlights their long-term commitment to the financial well-being of Ugandan citizens. Moving forward, NSSF aims to continue providing valuable returns to its members and remains dedicated to sustainable growth, strong financial management, and technological innovation.

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