O'Brien-Staley Partners' OSP Value Fund IV Surpasses Expectations With $600 Million Fundraise

O'Brien-Staley Partners (OSP) has achieved remarkable success with their OSP Value Fund IV, raising over $600 million in fresh commitments and surpassing their fundraising target in just 44 business days. Explore how OSP has capitalized on market dislocations and proven investment strategies to attract both existing and new institutional investors.

Remarkable Fundraising Success for OSP Value Fund IV

Learn how OSP Value Fund IV has surpassed expectations by securing over $600 million in commitments, exceeding its original fundraising target.

OSP has proven its ability to achieve remarkable fundraising success with OSP Value Fund IV. In just 44 business days, the fund managed to secure over $600 million in commitments, surpassing the initial target. The absence of a placement agent demonstrates the strong support from existing limited partners who have consistently increased their commitments over the years. With additional capital from new institutional investors, OSP has further solidified its standing in the industry.

Investment Strategy: Unloved C&I Credits

Discover how OSP invests in out-of-favor US Commercial & Industrial (C&I) credits as part of its successful investment strategy.

The key to OSP's success lies in its investment strategy, focusing on "unloved" US Commercial & Industrial (C&I) credits. These underutilized investments, often overlooked by other investors, provide OSP with ample opportunities to capitalize on market dislocations. With transaction sizes ranging from $5 million to $25 million, OSP's investment thesis centers on investing in small balance credits that lack a natural investor base. By targeting these often orphaned credits, OSP demonstrates a solid track record and in-depth knowledge of this investment niche.

The skilled investment team at OSP has decades of experience in this specific strategy. In fact, they have invested over $2.2 billion in similar transactions since OSP's inception. This expertise, combined with their prior success of over $3 billion in similar deals at a previously established firm, has further solidified OSP's position as a trusted player in the market.

Grateful for Long-time Institutional Investors

Explore the importance of long-term relationships with institutional investors and their role in the success of OSP's fundraising efforts.

OSP values its relationship with long-time institutional investors who have been instrumental in supporting its fundraising efforts. Their solid backing and unwavering trust in OSP's investment strategies and track record have significantly contributed to the firm's success. Furthermore, the high-quality support provided by professional consultants to these investors has been an essential factor in OSP's ability to focus on efficient capital deployment and deal management.

Consistent Investment Thesis

Learn about the solid investment thesis at OSP that drives the consistent success of the firm's financial business strategies.

One of the key drivers of OSP's success is its consistent investment thesis. The firm has maintained its focus on market dislocations in small balance credits that are out-of-favor or lacking natural investor interest. This unique approach has proven to be highly profitable over the years, allowing OSP to utilize its knowledge and experience to harness lucrative investment opportunities within these niches.

Since OSP's establishment, the firm has invested heavily in these types of credits, managing over $2.2 billion in similar transactions. Subsequently, this commitment and expertise have enabled OSP to refine and enhance its investment strategies, consistently providing investors with excellent returns.

Service Offerings and Made-to-Last Partnerships

Discover the wide range of services offered by OSP and how the firm cultivates long-lasting partnerships with its clients.

In addition to its successful investment strategies, OSP offers a diverse range of financial services, including alternative asset management, market-rate impact investing, nationwide loan servicing, and deposit management. The comprehensive suite of financial services underscores OSP's commitment to cater to multiple client needs.

Moreover, OSP's solid reputation is built upon the culture of enduring partnerships it fosters with clients. Founded by Jerry O'Brien and Warren Staley, OSP infuses its business practices with the core credit and fundamental investing discipline upheld by the founders. These principles, combined with robust risk management and governance strategies, create a solid foundation for lasting and mutually beneficial client relationships.


O'Brien-Staley Partners (OSP) has achieved outstanding success with the OSP Value Fund IV, surpassing its original fundraising target and securing over $600 million in commitments in just 44 business days. This achievement underscores the strength of OSP's investment strategies and the trust placed in them by both existing and new institutional investors. With a consistent investment thesis, dedicated team, and long-term partnerships, OSP continues to solidify its position as a trusted player in the financial industry.


What is OSP Value Fund IV?

OSP Value Fund IV is a fund managed by O'Brien-Staley Partners (OSP) that focuses on investing in "unloved" US Commercial & Industrial (C&I) credits with transaction sizes of $5-$25 million. The fund has experienced exceptional fundraising success, securing over $600 million in commitments.

What is OSP's investment strategy?

OSP's investment strategy revolves around capitalizing on market dislocations in small balance credits that lack a natural investor base. With their proven track record and extensive experience in this area, OSP identifies and invests in opportunities that are typically overlooked by other investors.

What services does OSP offer?

OSP offers a range of financial services, including alternative asset management, market-rate impact investing, nationwide loan servicing, and deposit management. The firm provides comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Why are long-term institutional investors important to OSP?

Long-term institutional investors provide consistent support and trust in OSP's investment strategies and track record. These relationships are crucial for OSP's fundraising efforts, allowing the firm to focus more on capital deployment and deal management.

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