Unleashing the Power of AI: How Aether is Transforming Green Investment

In the world of green investments, compiling a portfolio that aligns with sustainability goals isn't an easy task. That's where Aether, an innovative AI platform developed by Arabesque AI, comes into play. Over the past four years, Aether has been learning and analyzing the behavior of financial markets to generate accurate stock performance forecasts. By harnessing massive amounts of financial data, Aether provides asset managers with an executive summary of crucial information to make informed decisions. Let's dive deeper into how Aether is revolutionizing green investments and empowering asset managers to make greener investment choices.

Unraveling the Potential: Aether's AI Technology

Learn how Aether leverages advanced AI technology and data analysis to provide accurate stock performance forecasts.

In the competitive realm of AI-driven investment tools, Aether stands out with its cutting-edge AI technology. Harnessing the power of machine learning, Aether analyzes massive amounts of financial data from sources such as Bloomberg and FactSet. By crunching numbers and identifying patterns, it generates accurate forecasts for more than 25,000 companies across various time horizons. This advanced AI technology makes Aether a powerful tool for asset managers looking to optimize their green investment portfolios.

But how does Aether's AI technology truly work? It starts by gathering essential financial information, including stock prices, volatility, exchange rates, and commodity prices. On top of these financial metrics, Aether integrates sustainability data from its partner, ESG Book, providing a unique and holistic perspective on investment opportunities. The ability to combine financial and sustainability metrics sets Aether apart from traditional investment analysis methods.

Quality Data: The Foundation of Aether's Predictions

Explore how Aether tackles the challenge of acquiring high-quality, reliable data to train its AI models.

Obtaining high-quality data is crucial in training AI models. When it comes to incorporating sustainable metrics, Aether faces the challenge of standardizing data. For example, calculating carbon emissions may vary among companies, making it necessary for Aether to refine and adapt the data for consistency. With meticulous attention to detail, Arabesque ensures that the data feeding into Aether's AI is accurate, reliable, and truly reflective of a company's environmental, social, and governance footprint.

Empowering Asset Managers: Aether as a Decision-Support Tool

Discover how Aether assists asset managers by automating repetitive tasks and providing valuable insights.

Aether serves as an indispensable decision-support tool for asset managers, freeing them from laborious manual tasks. With Aether's AI-driven automation, wealth managers receive a consolidated summary of relevant information, such as news updates and key data points, in real time. By automating these processes, asset managers can focus on strategy and analysis, ultimately leading to better investment decisions.

It's essential to note that while Aether offers valuable predictions and analyses based on data, the ultimate responsibility of buying or selling financial instruments rests with the asset manager. Aether serves as a technological ally, enhancing the decision-making process for asset managers while reaffirming the importance of human expertise in investment management.

Transparency and Insight: A Relationship with Aether

Delve into the evolving nature of Aether's interface and how it equips users with comprehensive insights.

As the industry and regulatory landscape continue to emphasize transparency, users of financial tools grow more mindful of the data driving predictions. Arabesque acknowledges this shift and has designed Aether with a transparent interface intended to foster a relationship between users and the AI platform. Aether empowers users with information on the data used in generating forecasts, providing insights into which metrics played a crucial role in formulating predictions. Clients can interact with Aether and pose queries on data aspects, ensuring a dynamic and transparent user experience.


Aether, the AI platform developed by Arabesque AI, is revolutionizing the green investment landscape by leveraging advanced AI technology and powerful data analysis. By providing accurate stock performance forecasts, Aether empowers asset managers to make informed investment decisions in alignment with sustainability goals. With its transparent interface and user-friendly features, Aether fosters a relationship between users and AI, enabling a dynamic and collaborative investment experience. As financial institutions embrace AI-driven tools, Aether emerges as a powerful ally in steering the investment industry towards a greener future.


Question: How does Aether gather financial and sustainability data?

Aether gathers financial data from sources like Bloomberg and FactSet, while integrating sustainability metrics from its partner, ESG Book. This comprehensive approach provides asset managers with a holistic view of investment opportunities, considering both financial performance and environmental, social, and governance factors.

Question: Does Aether make all the investment decisions for asset managers?

No, while Aether offers valuable insights and forecasts, the ultimate responsibility of buying or selling financial instruments lies with the asset manager. Aether serves as an advanced decision-support tool, providing data-driven recommendations and automating repetitive tasks to enhance the decision-making process.

Question: How does Aether address the challenge of reliable data for sustainable metrics?

Aether acknowledges the challenge of standardizing sustainable data, especially considering the diverse approaches companies take in calculating metrics like carbon emissions. Arabesque's team ensures that the data feeding into Aether is meticulously refined and accurate, allowing for reliable analysis in the context of environmental, social, and governance considerations.

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