From Finance to Fresh Donuts: The Inspiring Journey of Jodi Burns

Join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of Jodi Burns, a driven and ambitious woman who defied expectations and embarked on a new chapter in her life. From her successful career in finance to the delightful world of donuts, discover how Jodi's passion and determination led her to open Blazing Fresh Donuts in Guilford, Connecticut.

A Surprising Career Shift

Discover how Jodi Burns, a former finance professional, made the unexpected decision to transition from the world of finance to the delectable realm of donuts.

After a successful career in finance, Jodi Burns found herself yearning for a change. Despite her initial plans to return to her previous field, she realized that the financial landscape had evolved in a direction that no longer interested her. This realization sparked a crazy idea that would soon become her new passion: opening a donut shop.

Driven by her love for freshly made donuts, Jodi embarked on a journey to learn the art of crafting these delectable treats. She wrote a comprehensive business plan and underwent training to perfect her donut-making skills. With a small business loan in hand, she set out to find the perfect location for her new venture.

What prompted this drastic career shift? How did Jodi's background in finance influence her approach to running a donut shop? Let's explore the intriguing story behind Jodi's decision to enter the world of donuts.

Finding Inspiration in Freshness

Uncover the moment of inspiration that led Jodi Burns to open Blazing Fresh Donuts and her commitment to serving made-to-order, fresh donuts to the community.

During a trip to Bethany Beach, Jodi stumbled upon a made-to-order donut shop that completely transformed her perception of these delightful treats. The freshness and customized nature of the donuts left a lasting impression on her, igniting a desire to bring this experience to her own community.

Blazing Fresh Donuts prides itself on offering made-to-order cake donuts that are always fresh and never stale. Jodi's dedication to quality and freshness sets her donuts apart from the mass-produced options available at chain stores. With over 500 unique donut recipes, including seasonal and holiday specials, Blazing Fresh Donuts is a haven for donut enthusiasts.

How does Jodi ensure the freshness of her donuts? What inspired her to prioritize customization and quality? Let's delve into the details of Jodi's commitment to delivering a fresh and delightful donut experience.

Choosing Guilford: A Perfect Fit

Explore why Jodi Burns selected Guilford as the location for Blazing Fresh Donuts and how the town's supportive community and ideal setting contributed to the success of her business.

When it came to choosing a location for Blazing Fresh Donuts, Jodi had specific criteria in mind. She wanted a community-oriented town that would embrace her small business and provide ample opportunities for engagement. Guilford, with its pro-small business environment and vibrant community, fit the bill perfectly.

The location of Blazing Fresh Donuts on Church Street in Guilford offers convenient access to the local middle school, community center, and library. The presence of multiple churches and frequent events on the Guilford Green ensures a steady flow of foot traffic and a strong sense of community.

What made Guilford stand out among other potential locations? How has the supportive community contributed to the success of Blazing Fresh Donuts? Let's delve into the reasons behind Jodi's choice and the positive impact it has had on her business.

A Second Chapter: Embracing the Donut Journey

Discover Jodi Burns' perspective on her new chapter as a donut shop owner and her passion for creating and serving delightful donuts to her customers.

For Jodi, opening Blazing Fresh Donuts marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She reflects on her successful career in finance and acknowledges that she has accomplished more than she ever imagined. Now, her focus is on the joy of making and serving donuts to her customers.

While Jodi is open to the idea of expanding to a second location, her primary goal is not to build a donut empire. She takes pride in the personal touch she brings to her business and cherishes the connections she has formed with her customers. Making donuts and witnessing the joy they bring is what truly fulfills her.

What has Jodi learned from her transition into the world of donuts? How does she balance her passion for donuts with the desire to create a meaningful connection with her customers? Let's explore Jodi's journey and the lessons she has learned along the way.


Jodi Burns' journey from the world of finance to the realm of donuts is a testament to the power of following one's passion. Her decision to open Blazing Fresh Donuts in Guilford has not only brought joy to the community but has also allowed her to find fulfillment in a new chapter of her life.

Through her commitment to freshness, customization, and community engagement, Jodi has created a haven for donut enthusiasts and a beloved local business. Her story serves as an inspiration for those who dare to pursue their dreams and embrace new opportunities.

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