How Wellington Management is Building a Powerhouse in Alternative Investments

Discover how Wellington Management, a leading asset manager, is quietly and strategically expanding its alternative investments business. By teaming up with iCapital, they aim to cater to investors' growing appetite for alternatives while also providing efficient and accessible investment solutions to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Wellington's Growing Alts Business

Discover how Wellington Management is quietly building a sizable alternative investments business.

In the world of asset management, Wellington Management has been making some big moves in the alternative investments space. Since the 1990s, the company has been steadily developing its alts business, and today it boasts over $32 billion in hedge fund and private equity assets.

While institutional investors and family offices commonly invest in alternative strategies, there is a growing interest among financial advisors and retail clients. The challenge for wealth managers lies in expertise and time needed to build to these portfolios. That's where platforms like iCapital come in.

The partnership between Wellington and iCapital provides a convenient solution for delivering alternative investment solutions to wealth managers and their clients. With over $166 billion in assets being serviced by iCapital, it's clear why Wellington is leveraging this platform.

Actionable Strategies for Financial Advisors

Learn how financial advisors can tap into Wellington's alternative investment strategies to better serve their clients.

With grappling concerns over the diminishing success of traditional investment portfolios, financial advisors are seeking ways to diversify their clients' holdings. Wellington Management's alternative investment strategies offer a compelling solution in the pursuit of higher returns and reduced risk.

From long-short equity and credit to emerging markets macro and late-stage private equity, Wellington offers a wide range of strategies that can help financial advisors construct well-rounded portfolios. Whether advisors are catering to high net worth individuals or retail investors, these diversified options can be tailored to suit individual risk appetites and investment goals.

By leveraging the expertise of Wellington Management and the accessibility of platforms like iCapital, financial advisors can integrate alternative investment strategies more seamlessly into their clients' portfolios, enhancing the potential for improved performance and long-term wealth accumulation.

Global Distribution Expansion

Explore Wellington's partnership with iCapital and how it expands the distribution footprint of their alternative investments.

Through their collaboration with iCapital, Wellington Management aims to extend the reach of their alternative investments globally. This strategic partnership offers an opportunity to cater to investors across North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

The growing demand for alternative investments necessitates enhanced distribution channels. With iCapital's established presence and reach among financial advisors, Wellington's asset gathering potential becomes amplified. This provides an advantage in connecting with modern investors, enabling broader access to their range of alternative investment strategies.


In conclusion, Wellington Management has strategically positioned itself as a force to be reckoned with in the alternative investments space. With decades of experience and over $32 billion in hedge fund and private equity assets, they have built a robust offering of strategies to meet the growing demands of investors.

By partnering with iCapital, Wellington has further expanded its global distribution footprint, making their alternative investment strategies more accessible to financial advisors and their clients across the world. This collaboration is a testament to Wellington's commitment to delivering innovative and efficient investment solutions.

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