Lewis County Receives Clean Audit of Financial Statements

Lewis County has recently undergone a comprehensive audit of their financial statements and compliance with federal grant requirements. This article explores the positive results of the audit and acknowledges the hard work of the county's dedicated staff.

Importance of a Clean Audit

Exploring the significance of obtaining a clean audit in financial statements.

Getting a clean audit of financial statements is a crucial achievement for any organization. It reflects their commitment to accountability and responsible financial management. A clean audit gives stakeholders confidence in the organization's financial health and reinforces transparency. In the case of Lewis County, their successful audit affirms their meticulous approach and dedication to handling tax dollars with utmost care.

Compliance with Federal Grant Requirements

Understanding the importance of adhering to federal grant requirements for financial management.

One aspect of the audit process involves assessing compliance with federal grant requirements. Lewis County has demonstrated their commitment to following the guidelines and ensuring that all grant funds were used for their intended purposes.

By meticulously adhering to federal grant requirements, Lewis County safeguards against any potential mismanagement of funds. The audit report reflects their dedication to fiscal responsibility and transparency to their stakeholders, including the public.

Recognition of County Staff's Efforts

Appreciating the hard work and dedication of Lewis County's chief accountant and auditor staff.

The successful audit wouldn't have been possible without the meticulous work of Lewis County's Chief Accountant Grace Jimenez and the county's auditor staff. Their timely and organized approach in providing necessary documentation, answering questions, and addressing audit requests contributed to the clean audit report.

Auditing is a collaborative effort, and the commendation given to the county's staff reflects their steadfast commitment and attention to detail. By ensuring proper financial controls, they have demonstrated their commitment to responsible financial management.

This achievement is a testament to the staff's dedication, expertise, and careful management of tax dollars. Their unwavering commitment to sound financial practices has garnered recognition and praise from both state auditors and county commissioners.

Upcoming Accountability Audit

Looking ahead to Lewis County's upcoming accountability audit to further strengthen financial controls.

In the coming months, Lewis County is scheduled for an accountability audit. This comprehensive evaluation will review financial controls, county policies and procedures, as well as procurement programs to ensure compliance with state laws.

The accountability audit aims to fortify the financial management practices within the county. It provides an opportunity to identify any areas for improvement, enhance transparency, and ensure accountable use of taxpayer funds. By executing this audit, Lewis County continues to prioritize responsible financial practices and demonstrates their commitment to keeping strict compliance with financial regulations.


The clean audit of financial statements and compliance with federal grant requirements showcased Lewis County's commitment to responsible financial management and transparency. The efforts of their dedicated staff led by Chief Accountant Grace Jimenez have been instrumental in achieving this clean audit. The upcoming accountability audit further demonstrates their commitment to maintaining strong financial controls and compliance with state regulations.

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