TELUS Stock Update: Analysts Lower FY2024 EPS Estimates

National Bank Financial analysts have revised their FY2024 EPS estimates for TELUS, one of the leading wireless communications providers in Canada. The company is now expected to post earnings per share of $0.81 for the year, down from the previous estimate of $0.83. This article delves into the implications of the revised projections and highlights the current state of TELUS's stock performance. Read on to stay updated on the latest developments within the telecommunications industry.

Revised FY2024 EPS Estimates

Implications on TELUS stock and industry performance

National Bank Financial analysts have recently revised TELUS's FY2024 EPS estimates. This revision forecasts a decrease in TELUS's earnings per share, diving into insights about the impact on the company's stock performance and the wider implications within the wireless communications industry.

Expert Analysis on TELUS

In-depth preemptive insights and forecasts

Leading experts have provided detailed analysis and forecasts for TELUS based on the revised EPS estimates. Discover their expert opinion and preemptive insights into TELUS's future, highlighting key factors and potential risks affecting the company's financial performance.

Recent Developments in the Wireless Communications Industry

Stay updated on the latest trends and advancements

The article sheds light on the recent developments and trends within the wireless communications industry. Explore important updates, technological advancements, and their potential impact on TELUS and other key players within the sector.

The Growing Demand for Wireless Services

With mobile technology becoming an integral part of people's lives, the demand for wireless services is surging. This section examines the driving factors behind this growth, along with the opportunities and challenges it presents for TELUS and other market participants.

Increasing Competition and Market Share

The wireless communications industry is highly competitive, with players vying for market share and customer base. Dive into the strategies adopted by TELUS and its competitors to secure market dominance. Discover how TELUS plans to navigate this dynamic landscape and maintain steady growth in the face of fierce competition.

TELUS Stock Analysis

A comprehensive overview of TELUS stock performance

Assess the current state of TELUS's stock through a thorough analysis of its performance. Delve into the stock's recent trends, key financial indicators, and market sentiment surrounding TELUS. Gain valuable insights to inform your investment decisions and stay updated on the company's financial trajectory.

Dividends and Return on Investment

Analyzing TELUS's dividend payout ratio and shareholder returns

Analyze TELUS's strategy for dividends and its impact on shareholder returns. Explore the company's dividend payout ratio, recent dividend adjustments, and how TELUS aims to provide consistent returns to its shareholders. Gain a better understanding of TELUS's approach to rewarding its investors.


To conclude, the recent revision of TELUS's FY2024 EPS estimates has implications for the company's stock performance and the broader wireless communications industry. Expert analysis sheds light on TELUS's future prospects while keeping pace with the latest industry developments is crucial for investors. With comprehensive stock analysis and a focus on dividends and shareholder returns, investors can make informed decisions regarding TELUS. Stay informed, anticipate industry shifts, and leverage expert insights to navigate the dynamic landscape of the wireless communications sector.

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