Unleashing the Power of Freedom and Expertise in Wealth Management

Welcome to the world of PB FAM Private Wealth - a pioneering venture led by seasoned advisor Raanan Pritzker, accompanied by Brian Brenneman and Neal Foushee. With a combined experience of over 30 years, this echelon trio has expertly navigated the financial industry for discerning clients. They have now chosen the dynamic platform of Linsco by LPL to unlock unassailable growth. Brace yourself as we explore how they are about to revolutionize the art of wealth management.

New Beginnings with PB FAM Private Wealth

Embarking on an exciting journey, Pritzker, Brenneman, and Foushee form the heralded team of PB FAM Private Wealth.

In the verdant city of Atlanta, a dynamic trio is poised to redefine wealth management. Backed by their impressive track record and extensive experience, Raanan Pritzker, Brian Brenneman, and Neal Foushee have launched PB FAM Private Wealth.

Here, they are leveraging the specialized platform of Linsco by LPL to forge unparalleled growth and create an extraordinary financial advisory experience.

With a clear focus on high-net-worth individuals and a commitment to crafting meaningful wealth solutions, the team at PB FAM Private Wealth sets the stage for revolutionary change. Discover how they are charting a path filled with independence, professionalism, and exceptional client service.

Empowering Success Through Ownership

Recognition of the need for limitless potential fueled their decision to align themselves with the Linsco by LPL platform.

The decision to join forces with Linsco by LPL was propelled by one desire: to unlock unlimited opportunities for their clients' financial success. Pritzker, Brenneman, and Foushee recognized the importance of ownership and sought an environment that would empower their expertise in serving the unique needs of affluent individuals and families.

Linsco by LPL proved to be the ideal platform, offering a comprehensive suite of resources tailored to high-net-worth clients. Advanced estate and income tax planning, access to alternative investments, and detailed financial analysis tools combined with a concierge level of service create an exceptional wealth management experience unlike any other.

The Full Spectrum Wealth Advisory

With ownership and access to a versatile toolbox, PB FAM Private Wealth raises the bar in constructing tailored solutions.

One size does not fit all when it comes to managing wealth effectively. PB FAM Private Wealth recognizes this and holds true to a comprehensive wealth advisory approach that caters to the specific requirements of affluent families.

By understanding each client's unique financial landscape, PB FAM Private Wealth navigates intricate elements such as intergenerational wealth transfer, income planning, charitable giving, and risk management. With their specialized expertise and a full range of investment solutions, they craft a tailored and cohesive wealth management plan that ensures all aspects of their clients' financial lives are taken care of.

Impeccable Expertise Meets World-Class Client Service

Driven by professionalism and excellence, PB FAM Private Wealth exceeds expectations in client satisfaction.

At the core of PB FAM Private Wealth is a commitment to offering the highest level of personalized financial advice. The team is dedicated to establishing meaningful, long-term relationships with their clients, giving them the confidence and peace of mind that comes with having their financial well-being in capable hands.

Industry leading advice tailored to your needs

Recognizing that no client situation is alike, PB FAM Private Wealth prioritizes offering tailor-made insights and guidance. With a focus on a family-focused office, their recommendations are rooted in a deep understanding of individual goals, risk tolerance, and aspirations. By creating custom strategies for each client, they empower their clients' financial progress while ensuring an engaging experience throughout the advisory process.

  • Enjoy a comprehensive, transparent, and streamlined wealth management process that keeps your needs at the forefront.
  • Embrace advanced financial planning techniques and access globally diversified investment strategies to optimize returns.
  • Partner with seasoned professionals who thrive delivering impeccable expertise in a consultative and accessible manner.

Preparing for your financial future becomes exciting when your advisory team supports your unique aspirations and meanders by your side. With PB FAM Private Wealth, you receive not only unparalleled advisory services but also a steadfast vow to elevate your financial prosperity.


PB FAM Private Wealth, led by Raanan Pritzker, Brian Brenneman, and Neal Foushee, marks a significant shift in the wealth management landscape. With a commitment to providing exceptional client service, unfettered access to resources, and a personalized, holistic approach, PB FAM Private Wealth positions itself as the vanguard of wealth management excellence.

By embracing the cutting-edge platform of Linsco by LPL, the team at PB FAM Private Wealth has unlocked new dimensions of growth, enabling them to align their advisory philosophy with their clients' unique wealth objectives. PB FAM Private Wealth’s ascent heralds a new era of personalized financial advice, driven by impeccable expertise, comprehensive planning, and a dedication to forging enduring client relationships.

Entrust your financial journey to the distinguished professionals at PB FAM Private Wealth and embrace a future paved with limitless possibilities.


What is the specialty of PB FAM Private Wealth?

PB FAM Private Wealth specializes in providing comprehensive wealth management solutions customized for high-net-worth individuals and families. They focus on integrating various elements such as intergenerational wealth transfer, income planning, risk management, and charitable giving.

Why did PB FAM Private Wealth choose Linsco by LPL as their platform?

PB FAM Private Wealth recognized the need for unlimited opportunities and ownership without limitations. Linsco by LPL offered the ideal platform, providing a comprehensive suite of resources, advanced financial planning tools, and a concierge level of service to better serve their high-net-worth clients.

What sets PB FAM Private Wealth apart in terms of client service?

PB FAM Private Wealth goes above and beyond to prioritize personalized financial advice that caters to each client's unique needs and aspirations. Their aim is to establish long-term relationships built on trust, professionalism, and exceptional guidance. Furthermore, they leverage advanced financial planning techniques, globally diversified investment strategies, and transparent wealth management processes.

Why should aspiring clients consider PB FAM Private Wealth?

PB FAM Private Wealth offers a refreshing and elevated approach to wealth management that combines expert advice, a family-focused office environment, and an unwavering commitment to client success. They aim to provide customized solutions, optimize financial opportunities, and align their strategies with each client's long-term objectives.

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